Undergraduate Master theses

Master - Data Processing Algorithms for electronic-skin on the ZedBoard Hardware Platform

The ZedBoard is an evaluation and development board based on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 Extensible Processing Platform. It combines a dual Corex-A9 Processing System with 85,000 Series-7 Programmable Logic (PL) cells.

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Master - Dedicated analog front-end circuit for the charge-to-voltage conversion of piezoelectric tactile sensor arrays

The goal of the thesis is the design and implementation of charge to voltage conversion channels of a dedicated integrated front-end (Application Specific Integrated Circuit, ASIC) for tactile systems.

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Master - DSP circuit on FPGA

After a preliminary study (under tutor supervision) of the functional specifications and the definition of the functional blocks, 

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Master - Employment of a sensorized prosthesis to transmit tactile information from the artificial skin to the human brain.

Providing somatosensory feedback from a prosthesis back to the user would improve the prosthesis perception capability, fostering functionalities/control and facilitating the embodiment (the amputees may have the impression that the “feeling” prosthesis is a part of their own body). This would substantially improve the quality of life of amputees.

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Master - Force/pressure sensing with 3D printing technologies

Motivation and application domain
3D printing is revolutioning many technologies. In particular, the development of new materials for 3D printing allow one to design devices that integrate mechanical, sensing and electronics in a novel manner. The general objective of this Master Thesis work is to design and develop force/pressure sensors with 3D printing technologies.

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Master - High speed interface circuits

Candidates will be involved in the architecture definition of High Speed interface circuits (up to 28 Gbit/sec)

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Master - Multiphysics simulations (software COMSOL) of real contact problems and reconstruction of the contact force distribution

COSMICLAB developed an original algorithm for estimating the spatial distribution of contact forces acting on the external layer of an artificial skin, starting from the outputs of embedded sensor arrays.

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Master - Resilient and Energy Efficient Digital Embedded Electronic Systems

Energy efficiency and resilience are two well established research topics in embedded electronic systems. The goal of this thesis is to investigate and design architectures for resilient and energy efficient systems.

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Master - Towards The Integration of E-skin into Prosthetic Devices

Myoelectric prostheses are successfully controlled using muscle electrical activity. However, the somatosensory feedback from the prosthesis to the user is still missing. Integrating distributed sensing and stimulation system into prosthesis would allow to close the prosthesis control loop by providing sensory feedback to the user.

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