PhD positions

PhD - Dedicated Digital Integrated Systems for the development of Electro-Optical interfaces of Iper Capacity and Low Power Consumption Optical Fiber Transmission

Industry’s hunger for network capacity continually grows. Fueling this hunger are companies like Facebook and Verizon that express near-term need for network capacity that far exceeds today’s bandwidth—often suggesting terabit-per-second (Tb/s) data rates are needed soon. 

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PhD - Tactile sensing systems to restore sensations

Research project

The project aims at studying a breakthrough concept of distributed sensing systems for upper limb prostheses in the perspective of restoring amputee's lost sense of touch.

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PhD - Techniques and Trends Towards Resilient and Energy Efficient Embedded Electronic Systems

The scaling of semiconductor devices (MOS device size has already reached the ten nanometers) continues to improve the cost and performance of integrated circuits. The nanometer scale CMOS systems, however, suffer from increased variations in reliability, performance and power consumption.

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