UnderG - Microelectronics (D. Caviglia, M. Valle)

(Master Degree in Electronic Engineering, 10 credits)


Module A (5 credits, first semester) - Prof. D.Caviglia


  • The MOS transistor and CMOS technology
  • Microelectronic Layout
  • Design rules and layout optimization
  • Static and dynamic CMOS logic gates: design and simulation


Module B (5 credits, second semester) - Prof. M.Valle


  • Cascode amplifiers
    • Frequency response
    • Double cascading
    • Cascode current mirror
    • Folded cascode
  • Differential amplifier
    • Differential pair
    • Differential pair with active load
    • Operational transconductance amplifier
    • Frequency response
  • Multistage amplifier: the OTA Miller
  • Precision in (MOS) analog integrated circuits
  • Design flow
  • Basics of switched capacitor filters
  • A/D and D/A conversion systems
  • “noise shaping” and sigma-delta A/Ds


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