Master - Multiphysics simulations (software COMSOL) of real contact problems and reconstruction of the contact force distribution

COSMICLAB developed an original algorithm for estimating the spatial distribution of contact forces acting on the external layer of an artificial skin, starting from the outputs of embedded sensor arrays.

 The algorithm (MATLAB code) has been tested on simulated single-contact problems with encouraging results. Scope of this thesis is the application of this algorithm to multi-contact problems. This requires mainly working on COMSOL simulations and possibly reworking the MATLAB algorithm code for optimization. COMSOL simulations of the multi-contact problem on the electronic skin structure will provide simulated sensor data to be used as input for the algorithm for contact force distribution reconstruction. 

MATLAB basic knowledge is required, while no previous knowledge of the COMSOL software is necessary.

Keywords: Artificial Skin, Contact Problems, Physics Simulations.


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